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Zhejiang Kaisheng Compressor Co., Ltd is a specialized factory which manufactures a serial mudium and low pressure reciprocating air compressor. It is located at Kaihua ecology industrialized county lies in Zhejiang Qianjiang Source.

The company has a casting branch enterprise collects metalworking and assembling under its command. In addition, it has already past quality authentication of ISO9001. There are 329 staff members and more than 50 professional and technical personnells in it. The cover aera is31,688 M2and the fixed assets is more than 16,000,000.

The company owns a set of internal advanced machining center and equipment. besidesit, has first-class instrumentation. Kaisheng Compressor is widely used in these fields: industry, building, car making, spraying and electricity. It has so many merits: high efficiency, simplicity of operation, convenience of maintenance and wearing property, low-consumption oil, low-dissipation enery, Low-vibration and low-noise, etc.

Our company always makes efforts in developping and production of products and pursues perfection constanty. The medium-pressure compressor series are developped according to the particular requires fo the bottle-blowing machine market has passed CE certification of European Union. At then same time, they have been obtained favorable comment affter practice of bottle-blowing trade and widespread use. Kaisheng compressor not only sells like hot cakes all parts of the country but alse finds a good sale in countries and areas of Southeast Asia andEurope.

Kaisheng Compressor co., Ltd will serve for customers with the first-class quatity and solid service conviction forever.


Contact: yao zhen

Phone: 13867027154

Tel: 13867027154

Email: yz@zjksok.com

Add: kaihua county, zhejiang, China

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