What are the advantages of twin screw air compressor?

2021-12-07 22:23

According to the current market air compressor sales data, the market share of twin-screw air compressor can reach 90%. What are the advantages of twin-screw air compressor to occupy the market?

Twin screw air compressor was developed and put into use in 1930s. It is composed of an equal diameter device and meshing screw. When it works, one screw rotates clockwise and one screw rotates counterclockwise.

During engagement, the air is compressed to the required pressure. Twin screw air compressor has high mechanical reliability, good dynamic balance and convenient operation and maintenance. Twin screw air compressor has the advantages that other ordinary air compressors cannot achieve, and its characteristics in the same industry are more obvious. What are the specific characteristics?

1、 Energy saving space:

1. The unit adopts high energy efficiency heat exchanger and optimized shape and structure design;

2. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, less land occupation, beautiful appearance and so on.

2、 Ultra low noise

1. High energy efficiency large rotor host is adopted, with stable operation and low noise and vibration;

2. Axial flow fan is adopted to design the impeller and outer rotor as a whole, with compact structure and good aerodynamic performance.

3、 Advanced control, stable quality and reliable performance

1. Good microcomputer control technology and all Chinese man-machine display interface are adopted, so that users can understand the operation status of the unit at any time;

2. High degree of automation and complete functions. It can realize the start and stop program management, fixed food control, full-function fault alarm and fault self diagnosis of the unit.